What is the National Economic Olympiad (NEO)?

The National Economic Olympiad (NEO) is a national-level event tailored for students with a high interest in Economics. The goal of the NEO is to create a meeting point for talented academic students and provide them an opportunity to show themselves in an academic competition. The NEO exam will consist of both multiple choice questions and open-end questions, requiring application of economic knowledge to find solutions on real-world economic issues. The NEO promotes the identification, and nurturing, of young talents, while simultaneously challenging their knowledge on the economic discipline. Key skills required for the Olympiad are logical, and analytical reasoning with respect to Economics.


▪ Promote awareness about Economics as a discipline.
▪ Develop confidence among students to take an early lead in an Economy-oriented world.
▪ Enables students to understand the latest and fast changing world of Economy.
▪ Identification of young talents in the field of Economics.
▪ Providing excellent opportunities to young and talented students to solve challenges in economics.
▪ To encourage participants to think beyond the world of theory and “school books”.
▪ Facilitating the creation of a network among excellent students.