One of the goals of the National Economics Olympiad is to connect excellent students from universities all over The Netherlands. It is for this reason that we will select the potential participants based on three criteria:

  •  You are student of a Dutch University. Since our aim is to have students from a wide variety of Universities, the selection based on University represents an important criterium.
  • Your grade list. If you have completed your Bachelor and you are currently enrolled in a Master Degree, please include both grade list in a single document. Since this is an academic event your grade list will have a higher weight in our evaluation stage.
  • Your CV.
  • You Team’s motivational letter. Max 75 words.

We strongly encourage you to apply in a team of 3, but also individual applications will be considered. If you get selected as an individual we will match you with 2 other people to form a team. The Olympiad will be open to maximum 20 teams and we strive to get at least 2 teams per university.

Apply before 19th February!

Team Member #1

General Information

First Name




Phone Number



Study Year

Individual or Team

CV (.pdf)

Motivation Letter (.pdf)

Grade List (.pdf)

Team Member #2

General Information


CV2 (.pdf)

Motivation Letter2 (.pdf)

Grade List2 (.pdf)

Team Member #3

General Information


CV3 (.pdf)

Motivation Letter3 (.pdf)

Grade List3 (.pdf)